About Crazy Cats

Crazy Cats Media Inc. is a creator of innovative, high-quality food maker games on the mobile platform. Our ultimate goal is to provide educational entertainment to kids all over the world as well as to give inspiration to users of all age. 


We take pride in the games that we worked on, and take our audience very seriously. Let's see what they have to say about us!

  • "It is really fun even for adults. Kids will love this app the minute they lay eyes on it and will also like the amazing HD graphics." {User Review on iTunes, Lunch Food Maker}
  • "I love this app it's a great way to spend time if you like to cook" {User Review on iTunes, Street Food!}
  • "This is more than good this is awesome" {User Review on Google Play Store, Slushy Maker!}


The team at Crazy Cats Media Inc. will continue to put in our best effort to bring the best virtual food cooking games to the mobile world.

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