breakfast food!

Breakfast Food!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Have fun making, decorating, sharing and eating a delicious breakfast!  Play TONS of mini games! You can get milk from the cow, or pick fruits from trees and cut and squeeze them to make yummy juices!

30 fruits, colorful straws and more cute items are waiting for you to choose so you can decorate your drinks.

Bake eggs in different shapes: kittens, hearts, stars...TONS more!

Fry flavor filled steaks and bacon! Warm the toast and grill sausages.  

You’ll add oil by tilting your device and choose the best kinds of ingredients to make sure you have a delicious breakfast.  

Of course, you can add vegetables, fruits and kinds of syrups to your meal to make it healthy!  

You can enjoy the fun of making food just as your mom does in real life!  

Your friends will be amazed by what you’ve done! Everyone will feel hungry and want to take a big bite of your breakfast because it looks so real and delicious!  

It’s free! Download and have fun playing this great breakfast making game~

Download today!