Lunch Food: Sandwich Maker

Wonder what is the BEST sandwich in the world? Try customize your own right NOW!

★★★★★ “So realistic! After playing this all I really wanted was to eat my phone!”
★★★★★ “Side view of Sandwich lets you see each layer of your sandwich and makes you want more!”
★★★★★ “Tons of options to choose from!”
★★★★★ “The grilling part is so cool! I love being able to flip my own hamburger!”



  • Fun Gaming features for cooking the meats!
  • Thousands of sandwich combinations!
  • Hundreds of Images!
  • Meats, Cheeses, Veggies and even Ice Cream!
  • Share your sandwich with friends then eat it up!


Sandwich Maker is fun for kids of all ages! (Adults too!) Stack layer upon layer and build a sandwich ten stories tall if you want to! Why should you be limited to just the boring deli meats and simple veggies? You shouldn't! Throw in a cookie, some ice cream, then top it off with ketchup and gross out your friends when you send them a picture of the sandwich you built. Get creative with your sandwich!

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